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Alltech directional drilling owner and President Michael Thomas has been a proven leader in the directional drilling business since 1994. Having developed years of experience in the industry, Michael and his wife Berenice started their own business and founded Alltech Directional Drilling in 2006. Michael’s son Aron joined the Alltech team in 2007 and has added a great link to the family owned business. Aron’s experience in the directional drilling industry gives our team a leading edge in all of our projects. We are a family owned company with many years of experience in all phases of trenchless applications in the underground utility business. We have worked close with some of the area’s leading contractors to build a reputation of completing on time, on budget and accident free projects.


Our company understands the importance of the environment and that we can do our part to mitigate the impacts on certain areas such as watersheds, stream sides and wildlife habitat. Directional drilling is the wave of the future for underground applications. We specialize in all projects including residential, industrial, and commercial. We take pride in our job sites, cleanup and restoration that makes our business one of the leaders in the industry. Customer satisfaction and job quality and performance are our top priority. Working with project managers and crews from start to finish has resulted in satisfied customers. Michael brings a solution to all directional drilling challenges a company may face.

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